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thank you for comeing to my site as a reward i will give you the top cheats for many ports and the origonal versions of doom

the most seceret

skulltag or other ports

in the console (Get there by hitting the key before 1 in the game) tipe in these codes

6, summonfriend (monsters name)

this will create a monster in front of you that is on your team and will not hurt you (exept on occasions)

the number one monster in my oppinion is archvile so the code would look like:

summonfriend archvile

5,sv_fastweapons 2

4, this is a specil one:

first go anywhere in a level and go to the console. now type in summonfriend bosseye. hit escape go somewhere else and go to the console again. type in summonfriend bosstarget. soon you will have a square box fly to bosstarget and when it lands it will create a monster on your team. it will keep doing this untill you exit the level

3, go to the console and tipe in notarget

from now on you will be invisible to all monsters unless you shoot them

also try freeze to stop all monsters


allows you to walk throug walls

i cant explain it just try it out for your self!

origonal doom or doom 2

for doom95 or 1


this enables noclip

2 for doom2

and finally the top secret cheat code is FHALL

(or for skulltag kill monsters) this will kill EVERY MONSTER IN THE CURRENT LEVEL (WARNING: USE WITH CARE)

the top famous cheats





turbo 200

the rest will be added later


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