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MMS Times is the School Newspaper for Murphysboro Middle School. it is currently under construction so if you have any comments you can email us at

well nosy! so far we have 300 MB of space, as you can see on the bottom of this text we are constantly growing but the more people enter this site the quicker it will grow!!!
506000000  bytes)

OH easy !!! if you look at the top op the page below the text:
one stop shop for free doom wads!!!,
there is a button that says registration.
click on it.
Here is a list of what is on it
Login: your username
Password: your password
Full Name: Type your full name here
Email Address: put your email address (if you don't have one just type
at the bottom there is a picture with numbers or letters in it. tipe what you see in the box next to it, and after that click register!
this is all you need to get by.
if you want to fill out the rest you can but dont fill it out if you dont know what something is.

Doom stuff and more Forums: This is the forums for all the questions conversation and doom stuff.

Any Questions?: This section is for asking questions, ask a new one by clicking New question.

Browse Our downloads: This holds all the doom stuff we have up for downloading.

Top Cheats: This has all the best cheats for doom, doom 2 and some ports such as Skulltag.

Cool Snapshots: Kind of abandoned, made for holding snapshots of skulltag

Dont know what doom is? Click here!!!: An article about doom and the ports, yes the link for doom2 is broken, find it on your own.

Moderators Page: If any of our wonderful moderators have a message for the community, it will go here, if not, it will go in the forums moderator page.

DOOM: Holds doom1, Doom 2 is a broken link.

Underground: Aincent Chinese secret ;D

Top 10 Posters: Abandoned, Used to be where i post the top 10 forum posters.

FILE UPLOADING: Go ahead, upload your files, ITS FREE :D

TestPage39g...: Something i was trying.
quantum physics: Abandoned, I was trying a NINYearZero page

Amateur Radio Page: Yup, im into amateur radio, or more or less, radio waves, altogether, This is where I will post my radio siences work.

Electrical Engineering: Ya im into that too, This is where i will post my book work blegh.

Server Hosting: Yes, I do free server hosting, read this page, and if you want a server go ahead and post your application in the forum, like i said, its FREE!

Want to do a site search?: Yup, Powered by Google.

FREE PRANKS: This is where I will post my prank software, right now, i just have a .bat file, but it is so module (i learned that reading about electrical engineering ;D)

Well i hope this helps, but if you would like to know more, just click on them, it cant hurt, except take a chunk of time out of your life, which im not giving back!

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